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How To Participate

How To Participate

Individuals can participate in Steppin’ Up in a number of ways.

  • Sponsor yourself for any amount.
  • Ask friends and family to sponsor you by collecting pledges.
  • Fundraise with friends/family/co-workers.
  • Fundraise online through our JustGiving page.
  • Raise awareness about the event through word of mouth and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Participate in corporate matching programs in your company, in which contributions employee(s) raise are matched by their company as a charitable donation.
If planning an event or activity to benefit your team (including raffles) please read our FUNDRAISING GUIDELINES document on our Forms & Documents page.

How do I participate if I can’t come to the event?

There are many ways to participate wherever you are! We encourage everyone to Step Up in their own way. This could mean taking a walk with your family, knitting, hiking, biking, doing yoga – any activity you can think of! You can join or create a team, or participate as an individual. ​

If you do an activity for Steppin’ Up, take a picture or video to submit! We would love to see it, and we want to highlight as many people who join us as possible! If you want to submit a picture or video, you can email your submission and information to tpnsteppinup@gmail.com.

What is the route for the 5K?

Check out the map of our 5K route. There will be signs along the route as well as volunteers to guide walkers and runners. There is a water station along the route staffed by volunteers.

There is also an abbreviated route that volunteers can guide you through. 

Standard Route Directions

  • Start at Claremont Middle School
  • Turn right on South Street
  • Turn left on Chase Street
  • Turn left on Chestnut Street
  • Turn right on Broad Street
  • Turn left on North Street
  • Turn left on Elm Street
  • Turn left on Main Street
  • Turn right on Pleasant Street
  • Turn left on Summer Street
  • Turn right on Broad Street
  • End at Claremont Middle School

Abbreviated Route Directions

  • Follow Standard route to Broad Street
  • Cut through Broad Street Park, around to New Socials
  • Rejoin the standard route on Pleasant Street

Help Create a Violence-Free Future

Our hope is that you will support victims and survivors by joining our growing list of supporters and becoming a friend of our organization.

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