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Steppin’ Up Teams

Steppin’ Up Teams

Teams, like the Acworth Hillsteppers, are what make Steppin’ Up so special. They can be any size!

Get Your Team Started!

First: New to Steppin’ Up? Check out this page.

Second: Pre-register yourself at Pre-Registration for Steppin’ Up 2024.

Third: Set up your personal fundraising page on JustGiving and then create your team page. Teams can be any size!

Sign up on JustGiving

Need Help with Just Giving?

See Just Giving Tip Sheet or watch the YouTube video with step-by-step instructions below.

Or email susan@turningpointsnetwork.org or call 603-543-0155 if you need more.

Invite Team Members

Step 1. Share this page and the event brochure with people who are new to Steppin’ Up to give them the basics. Also, the route Map.

Step 2. Send your team members this link to Pre-Registration for Steppin’ Up 2024.


Step 3. Team members can donate at pre-registration, or join your team on JustGiving.

  • If you want gifts to be visible, encourage team members to “Join Team” or give on your JustGiving page.
  • If you want it to be easy and don’t need it to be visible, encourage them to donate at pre-registration in the team’s name.

Why Are Teams so Important ?

Did you know teams raise over 65% of all the money collected for Steppin’ Up to End Violence?

Each year, our event has grown, thanks in large part to TEAMS! As individuals come and experience the fun and meaning of Steppin’ Up, they are inspired to come back and bring some friends! New teams form, returning teams strengthen, and participation increases.

Also, this is a community event, and we really encourage awareness raising and violence prevention along with walking in Steppin’ Up.

Forms and Materials

Click the button below to find the forms you need, or call TPN to pick up the Steppin’ Up Team Leader Packet. The packet has all the forms you and your teammates need: brochures, pledge forms, creative fundraising ideas, etc.

Teams Can be Any Size! 

It is the heart and the spirit and not the size that makes our teams stand out. Invite a few friends to join you; ask your co-workers to join an office team; encourage your child’s school to create a team of students, parents and teachers; ask your faith community if their mission or outreach committee can support this event; or have a combined family and friends team. We want to make the process of leading a team as easy and fun as we can.

We are here to help!

How Does a Team Raise Money?

In addition to collecting pledges from family, friends and co-workers, you can utilize our free online fundraising tool, JustGiving. It’s a fast and easy way to let others know you are helping Turning Points Network. Follow the easy steps to create your own page and then email that link to your contacts near and far; it’s a great tool to share on social media. Participants report a huge jump in fundraising when they use this tool!

If you would prefer to raise money offline, make sure to document who gave you each amount for your own records. You may send money raised to TPN at any time before the event, but there will also be specific collection times in the week leading up to the event, so check back for more details.

Compassionate Corporate Match Opportunity

Increase your team’s fundraising power—check with your business or organization to see if they offer corporate match giving. Check the Forms & Documents page to download this form.

Friendly Competition! 

Does your business or company have departments or branches? Challenge each other to see who can recruit the most team members or raise the most money. Consider taking your fundraising to the next level by challenging another business to see who can win bragging rights as top fundraiser. 

Help Create a Violence-Free Future

Our hope is that you will support victims and survivors by joining our growing list of supporters and becoming a friend of our organization.

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