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Things to Keep in Mind When Telling

Talking to someone about what has happened is an important step in the healing process, but how and when that happens may be different for everyone. When considering who to tell, keep in mind:

Who do you consider trustworthy?

If you are under the age of 18, remember that all adults in NH have to report child abuse. They likely will not be able to keep what you tell them a secret, even if they are trustworthy. If you’re planning to tell a friend, consider whether they will respect your privacy.

Who will give you the support you need?

Even people who care very much about you may not respond in the way you hope, or in a way that is helpful to you. It may be hard for friends and family to hear about what happened to you. The people you tell will have their own emotions about what happened. They may feel overwhelmed, angry, sad shocked, or numb.

TPN can help you sort out who to tell, and when. And remember, while you are figuring this out, you can call us anonymously. 1-800-639-3130.


Sexting means sending a sexually explicit message or picture via text message. Laws about sexting are still growing and changing, but it can definitely lead to trouble. To learn more about sexting, click here or here.

Links to Sites for Teens

Here are some useful links to other sites that you may find helpful.