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Community Education

General Community Outreach
Turning Points Network offers a variety of programs to civic organizations, business groups, churches and other interested groups. Programs are presented on topics including TPNs’ crisis and support services, domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment and stalking. While we have many programs that have already been designed, TPNs’ team of Community Educators is also able to develop programs that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of a group.

Professional Training
Turning Points Network provides training for service providers, educators and professionals in other fields. Our dynamic educators combine lecture, group discussion and practical training to raise awareness and strengthen the ability of service providers to effectively prevent, intervene in and address domestic violence, sexual violence and stalking. If you would like to book a program, please call 603-543-0155 or email Emily.

School Based Education

Connect with Respect, TPNs' school based education and outreach program is offered to elementary, middle, high and post-secondary students. It focuses on providing information, resources and skills to students, parents and staff. Central concepts to all Connect With Respect programs are respect, empathy, courage and kindness.

Our educators provide programs on:

  • Disrespect and bullying
  • Healthy dating relationships
  • Personal safety
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual assault awareness and prevention
  • Gender
  • Media literacy

TPN offers schools:

  • Classroom Presentations: The number of sessions varies based on grade level and topic of the presentation. A combination of activities and guided discussion are used to engage students in learning.
  • Peer Leadership Training: Teens listen to other teens! TPN works with students to create teen-friendly and teen-focused approaches to bringing the issues of respect and healthy relationships into their schools.
  • Focus Groups: Focus groups allow us to assess the school climate through honest dialogue with students. TPN works with students to identify bullying and harassment within one’s own peer group and school community, as well as find creative strategies for promoting a climate of respect.
  • Staff Training and Resources: Staff training topics are as diverse as student programs offered. Having staff knowledgeable on these subjects increases the effectiveness of the programs for students. Consultation is offered to work with school personnel to assess a school's strengths, challenges and needs. Trainings are also offered to raise awareness and help staff address dating violence, sexual violence and the impact on children of a parent being abused. All participants in TPN trainings are offered ongoing support and access to resources and curricula.
  • Support Groups:These educational groups are designed to help teens recognize signs of an unhealthy dating relationship in a supportive, small group setting. In these facilitated, 8-week groups teens provide support to each other as they learn about personal rights and safety in respectful dating relationships. We also offer groups that address the issue of self-esteem.