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Turning Points Network

We can work together to stop bullying and violence in our schools.


Power based personal violence is any form of violence in which someone uses power, intimidation or control to harm another person. This can include¬†partner violence, sexual violence, stalking, bullying, child abuse, or elder abuse. We all play a part in ending power based violence in our communities. Being an active bystander is a tough job; there are all kinds of things that can get in our way when we feel uncomfortable about something. Recognizing that something that is happening is wrong or makes you uncomfortable is the first step! YOU have the ability to stop bullying, sexual assault or other violence from happening. Remember that your safety is as important as anyone else’s. If you have reason to be concerned about your safety or if you are alone, consider alternatives like calling the police or getting help from someone nearby.

The 3 Ds of being an Active Bystander

The 3Ds are the variety of strategies you can use when making the choice to intervene. They can help you to say no to violence in a way that works best for you. The 3Ds are: Direct, Delegate, and Distract.


Directly inserting yourself into a potential situation and stopping it by addressing those who are involved.

Asking someone who seems uncomfortable or unsure if they are ok.

Pulling your friend away from an unsafe situation.

Telling your buddies that you think their joke is offensive.


If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable stepping in yourself, getting someone to intervene for you who might be more equipped or better able to handle the situation.

Calling the police when it looks like a verbal argument might turn physical.

Asking your friend to check on someone who might be unsafe.

Alerting a teacher to a situation that you feel is unsafe.


Defusing a situation by distracting those involved and interrupting the choice to commit violence.

Breaking up a heated argument by asking for directions or to borrow a phone from someone involved.

Causing a distraction like spilling a drink or pretending to trip on something can likely interrupt a potentially aggressive situation.

Shouting "Moose!" This is bound to get EVERYONE'S attention; and, stop a situation! Success!