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Turning Points Network

We can work together to stop bullying and violence in our schools.


Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that often involves a power imbalance. Bullying can be verbal, including taunting, teasing and threats. It can be physical acts like hitting, kicking, and taking or breaking someone’s belongings. Or it can be social behaviors like leaving someone out on purpose, spreading rumors, or telling others not to be someone’s friend.

Bullying can occur during or after school hours. While most reported bullying happens in school, bullying can also happen in places like the playground, bus or outside of school. It also happens online, also called cyberbullying. For more about cyberbullying visit CYBERBULLYING.ORG

The kids who are bullied and the kids who bully others may have serious and long lasting problems. You can talk with an adult you trust at home or at school about bullying. Your school is responsible for helping protect you and others from bullying and responding when it is reported. In the case that nothing happens, continue to document incidents of bullying. Learn more about the steps a school must take to address bullying at BULLY FREE NEW HAMPSHIRE.